You're missing the point entirely.

People can do all 5 of these things, but if I walk into a shop with a black friend, the employees will still follow him around to make sure he doesn't shoplift. White privilege means I'm perceived as *inherently* innocent, while he's perceived as *inherently* a potential threat. It doesn't matter that neither of us have any intention of stealing, we're both perfectly capable of paying for snacks.

It's about implicit bias. Not one's own personal work-rate.

October 5, 2020: a black man in Texas sees a white man assaulting a woman, tries to break up the fight, and when cops get to the scene they shoot & kill the black guy. He's perceived as *inherently* guilty, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. You can have top grades in your class, never touch a cigarette, never take a sip of alcohol, avoid gangs, and be a 31-year-old virgin... but there's no coming back from that.

Your "formula" here is classic language to avoid the real issue. Spoken like someone who's never seen life outside their own bubble



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