Adrian Eaton
2 min readNov 9, 2021


You're focused on past "dreamy community based paradises" that have "all failed, all ended in tears"..... have you looked around at the present state of capitalism? Tears everywhere, but it won't end.

Everything I present in this article is a direct proposal from the architects of neoliberalism. They go even farther -- suggesting we should eliminate public education entirely in favor of private schools. I focused on the most relevant, ridiculous ideas of theirs. Neoliberalism started as an extreme, fringe ideology but gradually its ideas have become more mainstream. If you ask neoliberals about unions, minimum wage, or environmental regulations, you'll find the opinions in Sec.2 are exactly the norm.

If you believe in the power of unions, the validity of a livable minimum wage, and the importance of environmental regulations, then congratulations! You're not a full-blown neoliberal.

As for trickle-down economics -- it's been debunked by economists all over the world, basically once or twice per year since 2000. You'd have to be dimwitted or willfully ignorant to believe this sophistry.

Sure, Elon spends a lot of money on research and development for SpaceX and Tesla and the works... but the central idea of "trickle down economics" is that employers have the power to improve the lives of their workers. Instead of the government giving everybody money, give money to the people processing payroll for everybody else.

During the COVID pandemic--a perfect time for some of that wealth to trickle down to employees struggling to pay rent and put food on the table--Elon instead pocketed the profits. He didn't raise wages or give bonuses or meaningfully improve the lives of his employees at all. Instead, he spent his time fighting against an incipient unions at Tesla -- illegally firing employees and tweeting anti-union blurbs. He famously bought a whole bunch of Bitcoin to boost Tesla's bottom line, and his own Net Worth by extension. He defied California's early COVID restrictions on working from the office, putting employees' health at risk.

He shouldn't feel guilty for running a successful business. He should feel guilty for running a successful business that treats people like shit.

Particularly because the company can clearly afford otherwise.

Tesla found guilty of union busting:

Elon Musk Net Worth rose 600% during pandemic:

Hundreds of workers contract COVID after premature reopening:

No unions... no livable wages... moving from California to Texas to avoid regulations.....

Sounds pretty neoliberal to me. Was Elon supposed to be an example in favor of capitalism?