Very true, it's so easy to be blinded by anger. Keeping people angry keeps them blind. There's no backing down for Republicans without admitting they've been igniting their base over lies.

Some of the moderate Republicans have said 'enough is enough' -- credit where credit is due. But their reward is losing office and being labeled 'RINOs' by the extremist sect. Unfortunately the extremists don't seem interested in de-escalation. They're pushing harder and more blatantly than ever.

DeSantis graduated from Yale and Harvard Law. He's a massive hypocrite (which is probably the nicest adjective that can be used to describe him). He knows that higher education breeds critical thinkers, and it's much easier to govern undereducated constituents.

We have to hope history remembers these people for who they truly are.

Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful comment, Kathi!

Top Writer in Gov, Politics, Economics. Love nature, technology, and standup! Bachelor’s in Communication Studies & Mechanical Engineering @ Cal Poly SLO.

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