Adrian Eaton
2 min readNov 17, 2021


This is an important piece to write & I'm really glad you're sharing your thoughts on this subject.

This paragraph right here demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of Critical Race Theory. "Critical (Anything) Theory" is a university-level analysis--no children are at risk of any new indoctrination. And CRT has nothing to do with telling people they're doomed to a future of identity politics -- it simply acknowledges (among other things) the fact that black people were legally prohibited from voting in the U.S. until ~60 years ago.... that's 1 person ago. That's recent enough history, it warrants a mention.

If children are born wondering why their parents don't have intergenerational wealth like their white counterparts, they shouldn't just be told "well, it's because your parents didn't work hard enough." They should understand the entire real history -- that their family was denied the opportunity to build wealth through the regulation of voting rights, bank loans, and job opportunities.

One of the central ideas of critical race theory is that children are currently indoctrinated with a dangerously whitewashed version of history. CRT is trying to undo this indoctrination. It never suggests that white people should feel guilty for their whiteness and it never suggests that BIPOC can expect a "lousy future". It just critically examines the past -- it looks at history through the lens of the oppressed to supplement our known history, which we read through the lens of the oppressor.

You're absolutely right that CRT offers a path for Trumpian republicans to sweep the upcoming elections. But this, too, is based on a complete misunderstanding of what CRT is. The democrats need to take an offensive position in support of CRT, otherwise the republicans will continue to exploit it as an easy path into office.

These would be valid fears if it's what CRT taught.

I'm happy to say this is not what CRT actually teaches, so you have nothing to be afraid of.

Hopefully this clears up your understanding of CRT.

Nobody wants our children to feel hopeless. But if we're going to see real progress, our children need to learn real history