Thank you, Neera! They definitely go hand in hand. I would say that "neoliberalism" is what most people are talking about when they say "late-state capitalism."

I agree with Kim Stanley Robinson that "We can't achieve a utopian future in a capitalist society."

Socialism has a lot of the answers for how we can build a more sustainable, equitable society. But I think that we're at a stage where the labels "socialism" and "capitalism" are "poisoned wells" (anybody who supports one side will immediately reject any ideas from the other side, even without fully understanding them). So thinking of a shift from capitalism to socialism is not likely to lead anywhere & too simplistic to actually capture what we need as a global society today.

Below is a link to my "Capitalism is Dead" article where I explain how "Capitalism" was never even a cohesive ideology, just a label applied to ideas later on. Same goes for "Socialism" . So I don't think of myself as a proper capitalist or a socialist. I'm more aligned with Kate Raworth (economist who pioneered the Doughnut Model of Economics) and Marilyn Waring (Economist and Politician from New Zealand) and Nicola Sturgeon (Prime Minister of Scotland) who believe we should define new economic theories that reflect our contemporary social needs. Then the label will come later.



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