Pencil Rules

Ink is only semi-permanent.

Adrian Eaton
2 min readOct 5, 2021

Culture is a set of rules written in pencil.

Though it feels entirely unchangeable, it’s always changing.

And we change it, just by existing.

Whether or not ideological idiosyncrasies are codified into law or scribbled in a newspaper, cultural norms are not as permanent as they seem.

We’re currently in the thick of “hustle culture.” Everyone wants to become a billionaire. Art in the past showed how money can’t buy love. Art today presents money as love. This new culture has snowballed into seriously damaging environmental, social, and economic policies. But we can change it.

Every day we wake up, we have to do something with our time. What we do every day contributes to the direction society is moving. By blindly participating in the “status quo” we allow ourselves, our friends, families, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers to drift closer and closer to a neoliberal dystopia. There, we’ll find a flatlined minimum wage, private health insurance, record-setting heat waves, hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, blizzards, food shortages, and an unconcerned capitalist class who overfunds private police forces to protect their property instead of sharing the wealth.