Adrian Eaton
2 min readNov 16, 2021


I'm with you, David! Voting for the douche or the turd (as my favorite showrunners put it) has felt like a waste in every single election--including this most recent one, which was supposed to be the most important election for the Left in a long time.

I completely lost faith in the Democrats when Biden was losing primaries all over the east coast, but top brass forced all other candidates to drop out & hand him the nomination.

George Washington & John Adams would lose their minds if they saw the mess we're in today...

Voting for a third party -- and hopefully some day a fourth, fifth, sixth party, & beyond -- feels like a much better use of the ballot.

I'm currently in France which has 3 main parties but well over 30 political parties in total. Exactly as you say, they're forced to develop more inclusive policies that actually offer something of value to constituents, rather than running on a vacant platform of "not the enemy." This gives voters a real voice to express the issues that are important to them -- and you can tell the French feel a genuine sense of political agency.

Germany has 5 or 6 main parties and a few dozen smaller parties. And the UK has over 400 registered parties between G.B. and Ireland!

It's an absolute lie that we can't move beyond the 2-party system. Other Western, self-proclaimed democracies are already doing it. The reason we won't change in the US is so obvious and often repeated it no longer sounds insightful: it's the power of money.

Good for Andrew Yang blazing this new trail.

Biden doesn't deserve another vote just because he's not the other guy