Easy talk from someone who knows the financial obstacles to getting elected! F*ck Manchin. I only had to read ~20 pages of Obama's new memoir to confirm what I had suspected: it's virtually impossible to get elected with your morals intact.

AOC is a major anomaly in this case. I can't tell what morals she sacrificed, if any, to make it into office. She's pretty damn inspiring.

Would love to see her in the Senate!

But we can't rely on the trickle of progressives occasionally making it through the cracks. As long as the system is designed to require campaign funding milestones for eligibility, progressives who refuse money from the corporate monoliths don't stand a chance. They might not even be eligible to run.

Hate seeing these establishment politicians blame the electorate yet again when the system rewards amoral greed.

F*ck Machin & Pelosi pretending their bullshit is in our best interest....

Top Writer in Gov, Politics, Economics. Love nature, technology, and standup! Bachelor’s in Communication Studies & Mechanical Engineering @ Cal Poly SLO.

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