Biden’s Up 23 Electoral Votes. But Trump Is Still Going To Win.

The 8 states that will make it happen

Adrian Eaton


Right now, virtually all live election results show Biden 131–108 Trump.

But that’s not at all the full picture. 8 states that haven’t officially been called will hand Trump the election:

Texas — 71% reporting and Trump up by 340,000+ votes.

Florida — 91% reporting and Trump up by 380,000+ votes.

Ohio — 84% reporting and Trump up by 327,000+ votes.
As I was recording the stats, a minute later Ohio showed 86% reporting and Trump by 336,000+

Georgia — 60% reporting and Trump up by 359,000+ votes.

Source: Associated Press (AP)

That gives Trump 101 extra electoral college votes that aren’t being counted in the 131–108 score. That brings him up to 209.

Biden has 55 electoral college votes guaranteed from California. So the real total is Biden 186–209 Trump.

Then there’s the home stretch. Where is Biden going to find 90ish votes, after California? Who knows.

But Trump’s path is clear. Just 4 more states:




North Carolina

These 4 states each have less than 50% reporting, as of this writing, but they are all leaning towards Trump with a comfortable cushion.

These final 4 states would add 61 more electoral college votes to Trumps lead, bringing him to a total of 270. Exactly the amount needed to win.